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TST Yeast.Exquisitely Revitalizing Facial Mask 活酵母新生面乳 50ml

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Signature Yeast mask is formulated with live yeast, a natural nutrients that does not contain any mineral oil and synthetic oil. It repairs and effectively regenerate skin resulting in the following effects.

5 major effects of Yeast Mask:- 

  • Whitening – Contains live yeast that inhibits more than 60% melanin formation. The inhibited melanoma cells are lightened and skin feels moist, translucent and even toned.
  • Moisture replenishment – Skin cell is hydrated from within. Instantly, the skin feels younger, softer and smoother.
  • Fights acne – Live yeast has PH value between 4.5-5.0 and the skin is maintained at its healthiest condition. At the same time, it breaks down oil, clean pores and inhibits harmful bacteria.
  • Anti-aging – Live yeast can stimulate and enhance the proliferation of collagen mother cells. Effectively promote cell activation, thus prevent loosening of skin and aging.
  • Repair – Live yeast can ease the abnormal activity of the skin, calm skin redness phenomenon.

1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount (~3 to 6 drops) of Tender Moisturizer on the face.
2. Spread a thin layer of Yeast Mask evenly to the whole face.
3. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with room temperature water when mask dries. Recommended for daily use.

*For user with sensitive skin, we suggest to do sensitivity test behind the ear. First time user, do not exceed 15mins. If no sensitive reaction, you may increase the duration by 5 mins for each use. Maximum leave on time is 30mins. 

1. Please keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep in ventilated shade, not direct sunlight below 25 degree. To maintain the best effect when used, we recommend to keep it in the refrigerator.
3. Please close tight after use.
4. Best used within 3 months after opening.

The following skin conditions are not suitable for using live yeast:
1. Skin is inflamed and in ulceration state
2. Cannot be used for skin with allergies.
3. Chronic Skin diseases
4. For sensitive skin, do not use immediately after washing with hot water

Moisture Replenishment: As the living bacteria in the yeast mask are reacting with the skin to enhance metabolism, It will take away some skin moisture. So, it is important to apply Tender Moisturizer before and after the mask.

活性酵母是一种“活”的营养物,含有极其丰富的活性物质,对肌肤有很好的修复与再生作用。活酵母是活的,纯天然的营养物质,不含任何矿物油及合成油, 因为活酵母本身具有生命特征,在过高的温度下会死亡,所以对贮存环境要求十分苛刻,并且活酵母可存活周期较短,制作成本昂贵,因此多利用于高营养再生保养品的制作。

美白  – 活酵母能够抑制60%以上黑色素形成,所抑制的黑色素细胞颜色也变浅,证实活酵母具有美白效果。
补水  – 甘油是普通常用的保湿剂,而活酵母的保湿性比甘油更好。
祛痘 – 活酵母为弱酸性,PH值在4.5-5.0之间,使肌肤维持在最健康的弱酸状态,并且分解油脂,洁净毛孔,抑制有害细菌。
抗衰老 – 活酵母能刺激并提升了胶原母细胞的增殖能力。有效的促进细胞活化,防止肌肤松弛老化。
修复  – 活酵母可缓和皮肤的异常活性,镇定皮肤红热现象。

1. 面部肌肤处于红肿溃烂状态不可使用;
2. 敏感性肌肤用热水洗脸后不可立即使用;
3. 皮肤病患者不可使用;
4. 皮肤处于过敏中不可使用。


1. 本品在使用过程中,如有过敏等不适,请暂停使用。
2. 建议非常敏感肌肤人士,请做敏感测试后使用。

1. 请放在儿童接触不到的地方。
2. 通风阴凉处,不能阳光直射,保存温度25℃以下,建议冷藏。
3. 请每次使用后旋转瓶盖密封好。
4. 开封后尽量在3个月内用完。

1. 使用的量:薄薄的敷一层,量大约是一元钱硬币的一半左右;按5下左右。
2. 使用频率:刚使用时,建议隔几天使用一次;
3. 使用时间:刚使用时,建议活酵母停留時間:敏感性 干性 切記敷的時間5分鐘 ,中性15-20分钟 油性15-20分钟 ,混合性油15分钟混合偏干5分钟 ,洗脸不要用热水,不可边蒸脸边敷面膜,后面慢慢增加敷的时间,让皮肤有一个适应和耐受的过程;之后清水清洗干净。



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