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TST Yeast Gold Collagen Facial Mask 黄金胶原蛋白面膜 35G x 5 pcs

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? 黄金胶原面膜最大的特点是由100%胶原蛋白和真正的金箔所组成,富含红海藻萃取物和胜肽。黄金使脸部皮肤自然紧致和提拉,胶原蛋白透过金箔载体更快更全面的渗透。因此比普通面膜富含30%以上的细胞数,更比普通面膜高出100%的抚皱效果。


? 庭秘密活酵母黄金胶原面膜 ?

功效 :紧致肌肤,抚平皱纹,恢复肌肤弹性,防止肌肤老化,使肌肤散发亮丽光彩。

Function : The mask is designed to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and repair the signs of environmental damage while providing a brighter complexion. Attracts and retains moisture to keep skin hydrated . Soothes and softens skins. Reduces signs of aging. Recaptures a youthful appearance.

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TST Yeast Mask 活酵母囧膜 5pieces/box

TST囧膜主要功效,維持皮膚彈性,補水,抗衰 目前好多明星都在用,真正的明星同款 。
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