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TST Snow Moisturizing 时空晶灵雪花水 120ML

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TST Snow Moisturizing Toner 时空晶灵雪花水

Nett Weight: 4.05oz / 120ml

TST Snow Moisturizing Toner contains many precious ingredient s. Its forms a natural protective film in the layers of our skin to ensure that moisture does not evaporate, keeping skin hydrated for up to 8 hours.

Upon application to the face, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin layer making our skin soft, supply and silky.

TST Snow Moisturizer provides both inner and outer skin care solution such as providing necessary nutrients for our skin to retain long-lasting suppleness and protection against external environment that causes dryness to our skin.

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TST Illuminating & Rejuvenating Protector 靓肤臻颜隔离霜 30gram

TST 新品靓肤水嫩隔离霜高亲肤性,清爽透气,有提亮嫩肤效果的裸妆产品,具有养肤和亮肤功效。长时间滋润保湿,充分修正并提亮肤色,满足肌肤亮泽光透的需求。使肌肤时刻光彩动人。不含对皮肤有可能造成刺激的化学添加物,减少因日晒和电子辐射引起的皮肤干燥,老化色斑等。保湿,滋润皮肤,不油腻,皮肤清爽无负担,可作化妆前的底霜使用。  
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TST Exquisitely Tender Emulsion 靓肤水嫩乳液 100ml

TST Edelweiss beautiful skin supple lotion (100ml)
Efficacy : ~
  • Energy injected into the skin fresh, store moisture, the skin plump and elastic, super moisturizing effect to the skin and build all-weather skin-friendly water-barrier.
  • Rich Edelweiss extract, effectively penetrate improve skin dull, dry, rough, gloss and other skin problems
  • Rich in active ingredients, skin back Firming abundance moist, awaken the skin healthy vitality.
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TST Yeast Gold Collagen Facial Mask 黄金胶原蛋白面膜 35G x 5 pcs

Function : The mask is designed to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and repair the signs of environmental damage while providing a brighter complexion. Attracts and retains moisture to keep skin hydrated . Soothes and softens skins. Reduces signs of aging. Recaptures a youthful appearance.  
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TST Night Renewal Lotion 时空休眠冻龄水 100ml

TST Night Renewal Lotion contains many previous ingredients and vitamins. It forms a thin moisture film on the layers of our skin, to constantly keeping it moisturized. Containing essence of rich nutrients, TST Night Renewal Location provides long lasting moisturizing effects and hydration to both inner and outer skin, to retain suppleness and protection against external environment that causes dryness to our skin.
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TST Exquisitely Tender Moisturiser 靓肤水嫩保湿水 120ML

  Benefits: Elasticity: Ultra-micronized ingredients quickly penetrate the skin layer to effectively improve dry skin problems. Firming repair: Edelweiss extract repair damaged skin tissue, reduce free radicals and provides UV protection. Soothing: Portulaca extract effectively protect skin against environmental pollutants. It calms and relieves sensitive skin. Translucent luster: Ultra-micronized nutrients penetrate into the skin to give it a healthy glow.  
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TST Apple Skin Mask 苹果肌面膜 5pieces/box

5pcs / box Benefits: Penetrates into the underlying skin and nourished from within. Deep moisturizing effect for dry skin and recovers elasticity. 14 days to improve skin problems. Enriched with apple enzyme extract, antioxidant which activates skin elasticity.
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TST Yeast.Exquisitely Revitalizing Facial Mask 活酵母新生面乳 50ml

TST Yeast Mask Formulated form fresh milk and yogurt, rich in lactic acid bacteria of which Lactobacillus acidophilus found in yogurt with live cultures. Yeast is also a rich source of probiotic substance; your skin readily absorbs all the natural nutrients in it, leaving your skin hydrated, radiant and supple. Limited Time Offer VIP Price
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